Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The 5 Most Common Causes for Loss of Data from a Hard Disk Drive

The hard disk drive of our PC is perhaps one of the most important parts of the entire computer. While it is true that almost all the parts of the computer are important towards its flawless functioning, the hard disk drive of the computer is more important as it stores all the data. When you ‘store’ any data, it gets stored in the hard disk drive. Therefore it can be said that the hard disk of the computer contains some of our most valuable information. But the HDD is an electronic gadget nonetheless and like every electronic gadget, it can fail and in such cases we might lose the data. There are other reasons of losing the data as well. Here we are going to discuss about some of the biggest reasons for which we might lose data permanently.

1. Not keeping any backup of the Data - This is perhaps the most commonly made mistakes by computer users around the world. It is always advised to backup your data at regular intervals. This way, even if your hard disk fails, you still would not be facing any troubles. You can just restore the data once your device gets fixed or you get a new device.

2. Overwriting Data – It is never advised to fill up the entire space of the hard disk drive. This might cause the drive to overwrite important files which are necessary for the proper functioning of the device. Sometimes it might also happen that your own stored data gets overwritten which results in data corruption.

3. Accidental Deletion of Files – Believe it or not, sometimes files can get accidently deleted from the drive. You might get an error message which asks you to take an action. You don’t understand it fully and you click on one of the option based on guess. Such types of actions might cause files to be deleted. Files might also get deleted when you try to install an application you have downloaded from the internet.

4. Physical Errors of the Hard Drive – This is another big reason why a hard disk might fail. Sometimes it might so happen that the read/write head of the disk which just floats over the disk, falls onto the disk and scratches it. A malfunction in the head might also disrupt the proper ‘reading’ of the file and you would not access to the desired file.

5. Virus – Computer viruses are another big reason for hard disk recovery. You might download something from the internet with proper security and your computer gets infected by a virus. This might lead to corruption of data as well.

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